Building a SaaS

I’m working on a Website Builder called “SiteChill” targeted towards service-oriented businesses and non-tech professionals


In today's digital world, entrepreneurs and small business owners shouldn't have to break the bank for a website.

This includes professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountants, and coaches, as well as service-based businesses such as construction, restaurants, and beauty services.

All they need is a sleek, modern, and professional web page to showcase their services and offers—a centralized hub for their online marketing efforts that drives calls, appointments, and quote requests.

As a web designer and developer, it may seem counterintuitive for me to argue against my own niche.

When I started my web development journey, I stumbled upon content creators teaching others how to sell a simple 5-page static website for $10,000.

Intriguing, but it felt more like a scam than an honest service.

If I were to put myself in the shoes of a business owner or advise a friend starting their own venture, I'd never recommend investing thousands of dollars in a website. It just doesn't sit right.

That's where Site Chill comes in.

We aim to tackle the issue at its core by providing business owners with a streamlined, affordable, and high-quality website solution.


Effortless Setup

Fast and user-friendly process.


Affordable yearly subscription, around $99.


Website builder, domain, and hosting in one package.

Premium quality

Modern, professional results. Responsive and SEO-friendly.

DIY Design

Curated design elements and simple UI, no need for hiring.

Full ownership

Your content, your control. Export and modify as you wish.

Players in the market

The website industry is currently dominated by a select few players, but upon closer examination, it becomes clear that none of them truly cater to the specific needs of small business owners.

Here's a brief overview of the competition and the gaps in their offerings:

  • Wix/Weebly: affordable options but lacking in quality. Achieving a modern, professional-looking website on these platforms is near-impossible without hiring a developer.
  • Squarespace: a step up from Wix/Weebly, this platform is more suitable for portfolios. However, it often still requires a developer's touch, and worryingly, they own your content, not you.
  • Carrd: a budget-friendly and straightforward solution, but it's limited to single-page websites, making it unsuitable for businesses with multiple services or offers to showcase.
  • Webflow: a high-end option geared toward startups and larger companies. You'll need a designer/developer, and the hosting costs can be quite steep.
  • WordPress: requires technical know-how and can quickly become a headache due to bugs and compatibility issues. The last thing a small business owner needs is constant site maintenance.
  • Shopify: tailored for e-commerce websites, this platform isn't the right fit for small business owners not looking to sell products online.

These gaps in the market are precisely what Site Chill aims to fill.

I'm dedicated to providing a tailored solution specifically designed with small business owners in mind—addressing the drawbacks of existing platforms and offering a reliable, affordable, and high-quality website solution.

Projects Status

I’m currently developing the first version of the project.

The goal is start onboarding clients in July 2023.

You can follow the journey on Twitter, as I’m building it in public.

Or you can join the waiting list from the form below, and receive updates about the launch.

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