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Wordpress to Webflow Migration Case Study

A Wordpress to Webflow migration project for an International Recruitment Agency based in London, UK.

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wordpress to webflow migration case study

Project Overview

This case study explores the migration of Optima Europe's website from WordPress to Webflow.

After their WordPress site got hacked, a problem millions of other sites also face, the client decided it was time for a change, not just for safety but for a major redesign to support their business expansion.

The project aimed to leverage Webflow's capabilities to create a more dynamic, visually appealing site that would cater to their growing needs and showcase their evolving brand.

wordpress to webflow migration case study
wordpress to webflow migration case study

Using Webflow CMS to scale up

During the migration to Webflow, the focus was on preserving the site's original URL structure and architecture, ensuring that Optima Europe's search engine rankings remained unaffected.

The process involved strategically utilizing Webflow CMS to reconstruct the blog and content collections, making them more user-friendly and scalable for future growth.

Additionally, the integration of technical SEO strategies was pivotal in maintaining ranking positions and optimizing site performance.

This approach struck a balance between retaining the essence of the original site and laying a robust foundation for expansion, making the transition seamless and forward-thinking.


Improving UI and UX

For the redesign phase, the aim was to enhance the website's UI and UX, making it not only more visually appealing but also easier to understand and navigate.

The new design focused on clarity and user-friendliness, ensuring that visitors could easily find what they were looking for.

By simplifying the navigation and organizing content more logically, the website became significantly more effective.

The redesign was about giving Optima Europe a fresh, modern look that aligned with its brand and met the users' needs head-on.

wordpress to webflow migration redesign beforewordpress to webflow migration case study redesign
wordpress to webflow migration case study

Scaling up with Webflow Locales

Setting up the multi-language version of the site was a crucial step towards catering to a diverse global audience.

By leveraging Webflow's Locales feature, the website was transformed into a multi-lingual platform, allowing visitors from different regions to access content in their preferred language.

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