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Figma to Webflow Case Study

A Figma to Webflow conversion project for a Golf Performance Center based in California, USA.

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figma to webflow case study

Project Overview

This case study shows how I turned a Figma design into a pixel-perfect Webflow website for Sunday Swing Golf, an indoor golf training center in California.

The client wanted their detailed design exactly replicated in Webflow, which demanded precision and a deep understanding of both tools.

The goal was to create a website that looked and functioned just like the original design, providing an online experience that reflected the quality of their in-person services.

figma to webflow case study contact page
figma to webflow conversion example
figma to webflow case study contact page

Behind the scenes of a pixel-perfect Figma to Webflow conversion

For the strategy and process, I began by thoroughly analyzing the Figma design to understand every detail, from layout to specific design elements like color schemes and typography.

After this initial analysis, I started creating the style guide in Webflow, establishing a solid foundation of styles that would ensure consistency across the website.

Proceeding section by section, I meticulously transformed the Figma blueprint into a functional Webflow site, maintaining a focus on both aesthetics and functionality.

This approach not only facilitated a smooth workflow but also allowed for the meticulous adjustment of details, ensuring the final website was a true reflection of the Figma prototype.

Technical Challenges

Accordions and
nested sliders

The design included an accordion feature that housed nested sliders, a complex structure not natively supported by Webflow.

To achieve this functionality, I had to carefully construct the accordion and sliders, ensuring they operated smoothly together.

This required a deep dive into both Webflow's interactions and Finsweet Attributes to maintain a seamless user experience.

figma to webflow conversion case study
figma to webflow developer case study
figma to webflow conversion example
Technical challenges

Custom slider counters

The project featured several sliders across different pages, each needing a unique slider counter to indicate the current slide position.

Implementing this functionality necessitated custom-coded scripts since Webflow doesn’t offer built-in slider counters.

I developed and integrated a JavaScript solution that dynamically updated counters based on slider interaction, ensuring a cohesive user interface across the website.

Technical Challenges

Integration with MindBody

A key functionality requested by the client was the integration of the MindBody platform for purchasing packages and memberships directly from the website.

This integration posed a significant challenge, as it required custom code to adapt and properly integrate MindBody's button within Webflow’s custom-designed button.

To solve this, I wrote custom JavaScript code that dynamically linked the MindBody service to our Webflow site. This code not only handled the integration seamlessly but also ensured that the appearance and behavior of the MindBody button perfectly matched the custom button designs on the site, providing a consistent and intuitive user experience.

figma to webflow case study membership
figma to webflow conversion case study

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