Niche Site #1 - Introduction & Month 6 Update

Niche Site #1 - Introduction & Month 6 Update


Due to the nature of the business model, I'd rather not reveal the website URL for now, nor too many details on the niche.

Project Introduction & Brief

Why this project?

This project is my first niche website ever.

I launched it in September 2021 without much planning; I just wanted to get started, building assets and having something concrete to play around with SEO.


The niche is "general entertainment" and the site provides some "information repackaging".

I decided to go for it because after a meticulous keywords research I noticed many keywords with interesting search volumes still untapped.

Also, the more competitive keywords didn't feel impossible, as it can happen with other niches.

I now think it's a bad niche because it's tough to monetize: the only way is through display ads.


The website is built and hosted on Webflow.


The domain is precisely the niche name; after a few months, I discovered it was registered before, which means I already had some backlinks when I started (nothing crazy, but still).


Technical SEO & Performance are on point, even though Google Adsense slow down the site a good chunk.


The blog has 130 articles published when writing this post, most of them indexing and ranking.

On average, I publish at least 30 articles per month nowadays.

In the first months I outsourced to writers, but not having much budget, I could afford only low-quality services.

I decided to test some AI content generator tools, and since then, I used them to write my articles, with the necessary editing and tweaking.

The content is much better, and I can crank up to 3-4 articles/day (in 1-2 hours max).

I use WriteSonic.

Link Building

I didn't focus much on link building.

I tried social media shares but haven't noticed much outcome, so I stopped doing that.

I usually drop the new articles link on some old post on Reddit, but that's it (it's more a way to drive traffic than helping with rankings).


Google Adsense, but the CTR is extremely low.

Since the beginning, I have made €23.

This month I added some Amazon affiliate links on the sidebar of the articles, sponsoring somehow related products (no hopes with this, but I want to experiment).


Bring the site to a nice $200-300/month and then flip it for at least $10K.

So, traffic? Growth?

Even though it's not making significant money yet, the growth has been steady and continuous.

The average amount of organic daily traffic is 100.

Many pages made it already to page one and to the top spots.

niche site 1 - month 6 update

Month 6 Update

Thirty new articles were published.

Google Indexing is still giving trouble, so out of these 30 articles, only 12 are indexed (some are already in the top 10!).

I tried ping services towards the not-indexed pages to see if they helped re-crawl and index the pages faster (experiment, gotta wait to make conclusions).

Added a section for Amazon affiliate links in the sidebar (experiment).

I targeted 5 of my top pages and optimized content.

They are pages bringing the most traffic, though they're still not stable at the top.

They all had a low word count (below 1000), so I rewrote the articles and improved them.

It's an experiment; I'm curious to see if the improved content helps get even more traffic out of these pages in a month or so.

Another thing achieved this month was improving the performance.

I removed unnecessary stuff, slimmed down the UX, optimized the page loading (lazy load is excellent when you have many images), achieved 95+ on desktop and 65-70 on mobile (Google Adsense kills it, without is 90+ as well).

From the graph above, you can see there's been a sudden growth in both impressions and clicks recently.

I believe this to be a new 'floor.'

Next Steps

Just keep putting out content, as much as possible.

The site performs well even with low word count articles (my top articles are all around 700-800 words!), so I'll focus on publishing more short posts, seeing how they do, and coming back to optimize in the future.

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