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Webflow Professional Partner with 4 years of experience. I help companies and agencies migrate their WordPress websites to Webflow.
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Optima Europe
WordPress to Webflow
International Recruitment Agency
About the project
Optima Europe is an international recruitment agency specializing in headhunting top talent in marketing, sales, operations, and executive roles. For this project, I migrated their site from WordPress to Webflow, incorporating a complete redesign with a focus on UI/UX improvements. The project utilized Webflow IX2 for interactive elements and Webflow CMS for content management. Additionally, a similar website was created for their new branch, Optima America, and multi-language support was added through Webflow Locales.
WordPress to Webflow Migration, Webflow Redesign, UI/UX enhancements, Webflow Locales, Webflow Multi-language
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Care To Translate
WordPress to Webflow
Healthcare Startup
About the project
Care to Translate, a digital medical translation tool, required a migration from WordPress to Webflow. The project included setting up multi-language support, enhancing UI/UX design, and migrating the blog. The result is a user-friendly and visually appealing website that effectively supports Care to Translate’s mission of breaking down language barriers in healthcare.
WordPress to Webflow Migration, Multi-Language Setup, UI/UX Enhancements, Blog Migration
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WordPress to Webflow
Retreats Organizer
About the project
Surf Office, a company specializing in organizing productive corporate retreats and off-sites, required a migration from WordPress to Webflow. The project involved a complex CMS setup, migrating a large amount of blog content, and optimizing the site for SEO. The result is a dynamic, user-friendly website that effectively showcases Surf Office’s services and extensive retreat offerings.
WordPress to Webflow Migration, Complex CMS Setup, Large Blog Content Migration, Webflow SEO Optimization
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Prismic to Webflow
Healthcare Logistics
About the project
VectorCare, a broker-less platform for patient logistics, needed a migration from Prismic CMS to Webflow. The project involved website development with UI/UX enhancements and blog migration. The result is a robust, user-friendly site that effectively showcases VectorCare’s innovative solutions in medical transportation, home health, and last-mile logistics.
Prismic CMS to Webflow Migration, Website Development with UI/UX Enhancements, Blog Migration
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Kind words from past clients

Companies Retreats Organizer
“Daniel helped us with the migration of the website from Wordpress to Webflow. Fantastic communication, Daniel did an amazing job and we would recommend him to anyone who needs help with a complex Webflow project.”
Chicago Cleaning Company
“Our company recently migrated our website from WordPress to Webflow. We were blown away by his pixel perfect recreation of our blog, as well as his response time. After he finished the project, Daniel even took time to follow up with us and recommend some best practices to follow in Webflow. If you're looking for a talented and driven Webflow expert, we feel that we can recommend Daniel without hesitation.”

What to expect from the WordPress to Webflow migration service

Perfect replica
Maintain the original design and functionalities, ensuring a seamless transition from WordPress to Webflow.
UI/UX Improvements
Enhance your design and user experience, making your site more intuitive, engaging and modern.
SEO Bulletproof
Retain your existing search engine rankings and improve SEO with a meticulous optimization process.
Enjoy easier updates, improved security, and advanced features with Webflow.

The process to convert your website from WordPress to Webflow

step 01

Assessment and Planning

Begin by evaluating the current WordPress site to identify key components, layouts, and functionalities that need to be migrated and improved.
step 02

Website setup

Set up the Webflow project, create the necessary static pages, configure technical SEO settings, and establish CMS collections. Develop a style guide to ensure consistency.
step 03

Content migration & SEO Optimization

Migrate all existing content, including blog posts, images, and media files, ensuring everything is organized within Webflow’s CMS. Optimize the site for SEO, including meta tags, alt texts, and URLs, while ensuring fast load times and smooth performance.
step 05


Conduct extensive testing across different physical devices and browsers, with a strong focus on the most challenging screen resolutions.
step 02

Website setup

Set up the Webflow project, create the necessary static pages, configure technical SEO settings, and establish CMS collections. Develop a style guide to ensure consistency.
step 04


Rebuild the site in Webflow, focusing on a modular approach. Each section is developed and tested immediately to ensure accuracy and functionality. This step includes setting up custom Webflow components and variations.
step 05


Conduct extensive testing across different physical devices and browsers, with a strong focus on the most challenging screen resolutions.
step 06


Assist in connecting the domain, launching the site, and providing ongoing maintenance to ensure smooth operation and updates.

WordPress vs Webflow: why move to Webflow?

Ease of Use
Webflow's visual editor simplifies site management, allowing you to make updates without coding knowledge.
Allows your website to grow alongside your business, adapting to increased traffic and expanded content needs.
secure hosting
High-performance hosting with automatic backups, SSL certificates, and global CDN, for security and reliability.
All-in-One Platform
Combines design, dev, and hosting into a single platform, streamlining workflows and simplifying site management.
Enhanced Performance
Optimized for fast loading times and seamless performance, improving user experience.
Design Flexibility
Greater design freedom with robust tools for pixel-perfect customization, without relying on themes or plugins.
Custom Animations
Powerful interactions and animations tools, to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your site.
No plugins
Reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities, as Webflow does not rely on external plugins.

Often asked

How much does it cost to migrate my WordPress site to Webflow?
Between $1500-$6500 depending on size and complexity of your design.
Will my site's SEO be affected during the migration?
No, the migration process includes meticulous SEO optimization to retain and improve your current search engine rankings.
What happens to my existing integrations?
All necessary integrations with third-party tools and services will be replicated or improved in Webflow to ensure seamless functionality.
How long does the migration process take?
The duration depends on the project size and complexity. Small sites can be migrated in a few days, while larger sites may take a few weeks.
Can you migrate all my blog posts and media files?
Yes, all existing content, including blog posts and media files, will be migrated and organized within Webflow’s CMS.
How will we communicate?
We can communicate via email, Slack, Zoom, or any other preferred platform to discuss project details, updates, and feedback.
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Daniel is a freelancer Webflow Developer from Italy, currently living in Thailand.

He's an official and certified Webflow Professional Partner and a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork.

Over the past 4 years, he assisted clients from all over the globe building, growing and maintain their websites in Webflow.
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Pricing consists of custom hourly packages.

Up to 20 hours
recommended for:
  • Small size website
  • Small amount of CMS items
  • UI/UX improvements
  • Basic animations
  • Simple functionalities
Up to 40 hours
recommended for:
  • Medium size website
  • Medium amount of CMS items
  • Light redesign
  • Advanced animations
  • Advanced functonalities
Over 40 hours
recommended for:
  • Large size website
  • Large amount of CMS items
  • Full redesign
  • Complex animations
  • Complex functionalities with custom code
Custom dashboard
You get access to your own Trello Dashboard, where you can monitor the project status and add requests.
Each working sessions is screen recorder via Loom, which you can access at any time.
Change and adapt the scope as needed, without having to deal with quotes and contracts.
Your hours never expire. If the project ends before hand, you can always use them for future updates.
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