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Figma to Webflow conversion

Have your Figma Designs converted into an amazing Webflow Website.
Super fast, affordable and pixel-perfect.
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WHAT's included

Every Figma to Webflow conversion comes with the best practices in the field and top-notch quality.

lightening fast turnaround
Pixel-perfect building
Custom code
3rd parties integration
animations & interactions

The process

Simple, smooth & highly efficient.

Development strategy

“If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.”

The first step consists in analyzing and breaking down your Figma designs into reusable elements and patterns, such as...

Defining recurring components and layouts.
Figure out spacing and constrains.
List down interactions, animations & custom code elements needed.

This approach allows a faster, more reliable, more efficient and more organized building.

Architecture setup

The second phase focus on lay down the foundation of your Webflow site.

This includes…

Setting up all the pages & configure all CMS lists.

Import content & assets, already optimized.

Build the Style Guide, setting up typography, color scheme and common UI elements.

Defining global classes, such as spacing, containers, wrappers and cross-browser fixes.

Components building

The third steps consists in building your site, components by components.

All the elements will be assembled on each page, giving your new Webflow website its final shape.

The entire site will be made responsive across all devices and third party elements needed will be integrated.


Once the website is ready, it will be tested on all devices and browsers, to ensure every pixel is rendered perfectly and all functionalities are preserved.


Once the final version is approved, I'll assist you in setting up your domain and launch your new Webflow website.

Not too familiar with Webflow?
No worries!

You'll be given tutorial and guidance on how update/add new content and any other need you might have.

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figma to webflow conversion step 2
figma to webflow conversion step 3
figma to webflow conversion step 4
figma to webflow conversion step 5

kind words from clients

"Daniel is a star, from start to finish Daniel was attentive, communicative and available.

His Webflow skills are second to none, working from our designs he took the blueprint and created a superb website for us and added his own expertise and experience into the build to add value.

I have no hesitation recommending Daniel to other businesses for future projects."

Blinq.me, Australia

"Daniel has been a truly invaluable asset for my business strategy and website development. I can't recommend him enough.

Daniel's mastery of Webflow allowed us to create a really beautiful and differentiated website that reflects a thoughtful overall strategy, taking into consideration visitor engagement, education, branding, and SEO.

I never expected to have such a refined and customized website."

MTA Wellness, United States

"Daniel did an amazing job and was super responsive throughout the whole project.

Hired him for the second time already and can warmly recommend him.

He worked on a complex landing page, involving dynamic elements, and designed it perfectly."

Fount app, Germany


Everything you need to know if you're considering to get in touch.

More questions? Let's talk.


‍Between $1000 - $5000, depending on the project size & complexity.

Turnaround time?

For small & medium projects, between 3 to 14 days.

For big projects, up to 1 month.

Turnaround time depends on volume (amount of tasks, components, pages), complexity & personal availability.

where are you based?

Currently based in Thailand (GMT +7).

I've been working with clients ranging from the Americas, Europe & Australia with ease regardless timezones difference.

Big fan of async communication, and when it's needed, it's not a problem for me to jump on a call during the evenings if you are on the other side of the world.

How to get started?

Fill the form below and I'll get back to you within one business day max.

If possible, make sure to include a preview link to your Figma files, and I can get back to you right away with a quote.

Or we can schedule a discovery call to go through the details of your project.


Upfront deposit of 50% and the rest upon delivery.

I usually use Upwork Direct Contracts to manage the project with ease.
It'll allow you to approve milestones, and it also acts as escrow system. You don't have to open an Upwork account to use it. Fees around 3% both sides.

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