Niche Site #3 - Introduction & Launch

Niche Site #3 - Introduction & Launch


Due to the nature of the business model, I'd rather not reveal the website URL for now, nor too many details on the niche.

Project Introduction

This project has the biggest potential amongst the three I'm working on.
Search volume is enormous, and I can advertise a great variety of products within this narrow niche.
Surprisingly, there's almost no direct competition, except one site abandoned for over a year (but still gets 10k visitors/month, pretty good niche validation!).


The niche is "Home & Garden".

As mentioned above, good range of products and low competition.


The website is built and hosted on Webflow.


The domain is precisely the niche name, the highest searched term within the space.

It has been registered a few times in the past.


As mentioned in Niche Site #2 Introduction, I'll use the Topical Authority Strategy.

Content & Structure

Lots of buyer's guides, product comparisons, reviews as money pages.
A blog to cover all the topics with a non-commercial intent, such as info, questions, ideas, etc...


Only Amazon Affiliate Links. No Adsense.


I launched the site two days ago with only two blog posts and one buyer's guide.
Considering the domain was already registered in the past, Google indexed it almost immediately.
Still waiting to gather the first data.


I believe this project has good potential.
I aim to grow it to over $1k/month in passive income.