Niche Site #2 - Introduction & Launch

Niche Site #2 - Introduction & Launch


Due to the nature of the business model, I'd rather not reveal the website URL for now, nor too many details on the niche.

Project Introduction

Putting all your eggs in one basket it's not a wise choice.

With Niche Project #1 growing steadily but not making any real money after six months, I decided it was time to start two more websites.

Learning from the mistakes made in the first project, I took some time to go deep into niche research and this idea came out simply looking around me.


This time I focused exclusively on a product-oriented niche to leverage affiliate links to earn.

The niche is "Home & Kitchen".

It's a very narrow niche focused on a particular product with several typologies, models, questions, and enough research to write a good amount of articles.

The search volume is pretty good, and there is no direct competitor.


The website is built and hosted on Webflow.


The domain is precisely the niche name, the highest searched term within the space.

It hasn't been registered before.


I've recently stumbled upon the topic of 'Topical Authority' and decided to dig deeper.

In a nutshell, this SEO strategy focuses on covering a particular topic in as much depth as possible.

This strategy's goal is to build authority in the eyes of the search engine, which then will consider your site a trustworthy and valuable source of information for that narrow niche, pushing your pages up in the rankings.

To achieve this, I'll cover every possible search term within the niche, including those with 0 search volume.

Content & Structure

The site is structured in money articles (buyer's guide and reviews) and a blog hosting supportive posts, aiming at long-tail-related keywords.
The content is created using WriteSonic, an AI content generator tool, and then manually reviewed.


Only Amazon Affiliate Links. No Adsense.


I launched the site one week ago, and Google indexed all pages.

Got the first impression and waiting a bit more to see how the first slot of the content position itself in the SERP.

There are currently 11 money pages (buyer's guides) and 13 supportive articles.


So, what do I expect from this site?

First of all, it's an experiment to verify first-hand the power of "topical authority" as an SEO approach.

Secondly, considering it's a product-oriented niche with no direct competition, I hope to get a few hundred $ per month as passive income, with minimum input from my side.

That's all for the launch of Niche Project #2; see you next month!